TIG Welding Settings – What Are All Those Knobs?

Some producers of TIG welding makers likewise offer little slide regulation kind calculators that are meant to assist the welder established the dials on a TIG welder equipment. Generally they are actually convenient, yet there are times when I believe the designers were smoking fracture. As an example, if you establish the slide regulation for 1/4 steel, it will certainly present that you require 250-200 amps utilizing DCEN polarity. These little weld calculators are extremely helpful for news due to the fact that they are a prepared referral for all the TIG welder equipment setups like polarity, high regularity, as well as various other variables that make a large distinction in not just TIG welding, however additionally MIG and also stick welding.

I recognize an individual that has little tags stuck around his Miller Syncrowave 250 TIG welding equipment to ensure that he does not need to look it up whenever he requires to bond something. He is a machinist that does some welding. Not a full-time welder. With all the CNC programs he regarding think of in addition to feed rates and so on, he does not care to remember TIG welding setups. A welding calculator would truly assist him. Keep in mind these down as well as unclean pointers for establishing TIG welders as well as perhaps you won’t also require a welding calculator.

may han tig

  1. For Steels, stainless-steels, Nickel alloys, titanium etc every little thing other than light weight aluminum and also magnesium.

DCEN, high regularity on begin just, Argon gas flow meter established on 20 chi with a # 7 gas lens kind nozzle/cup, amperage activate remote, contactor activate remote.

  1. For Aluminum and also Magnesium.

A/C, high regularity readied to continual, argon, or argon/helium mix flow meter readied to 15 chi with a # 7 mug if device is furnished with A/C equilibrium, established it to 7, amperage activate remote, contactor activate.

Practically any kind of steel can be bonded with TIG. Carbon and also reduced alloys steels like 1010 carbon steel and also 4130 chromo steel, Stainless steels like 304, 321, as well as 17-7ph, Nickel alloys like income 718 and also Hostelry X, Aluminum alloys like 6061,5052, Magnesium alloys like az31b, Titanium alloys like readily pure, and also 6al4v, Cobalt alloys like Satellite 6b and also l605, copper alloys like Neural bronze and also pure copper, All can be welding making use of the may han tig procedure.